Form 1 Delivery

Delivery will generally be within 24 hours of the receipt of the last search from the various authorities, together with a completed questionnaire and required attachments.


Payment is due upon delivery and may be made by credit card, cheque or EFT. You agree that any failure to make payment will provide us with a charge over the property the subject of the Form1 and a caveat for unpaid monies may be registered by us at our discretion.

Variation of the Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge that these terms and conditions may be varied from time to time and that notice of any variation will be by way of notice on our website. You further acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions each time prior to using our services and that you are bound by our terms and conditions.

Laws Applicable

With respect to any disputes, the laws of the state of South Australia will apply and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia.


We prepare the Form 1 based on information provided by you and the various authorities providing the search information. Whilst we take every care, the responsibility is yours to check the accuracy of document before signing and we accept no liability with respect to any errors in the Form 1. This is so, even if we sign as your agent. We are also not liable for any changes you may make to the Form 1. If you do not find the Form 1 accurate upon checking you must notify us immediately to allow us to amend the document.

By providing us with your written instructions, you are also indemnifying us from any liability as a result of any claims with respect to the use of the Form 1. If a warranty applies by force of law, we limit our liability to the fees paid for our services.

You acknowledge that the searches from the various authorities are valid for only 90 days from the date of issue. You further acknowledge that the Form 1 is provided on the basis that it will used solely by the vendor or real estate agent selling the property.